A snapshot of an impersonation of a tiger

It’s not a tiger. Not even a toy of a tiger. Just a snapshot of it. Does that change what it is or the representation? Or is it just a photograph describing what I saw?

Stories are nice, but sometimes, they are…overrated. There. I said it. Happy Labour Day, folks.

© 2014 Callan Tham. All rights reserved.

A reminder

“Never ever confuse sharp with good, or you will end up shaving with an ice cream cone and licking a razor blade.” — Bill Pierce

Heading out to town in a bit for a spot of shooting before dinner, so if you see a fat dude with an old camera, wave and say hi.

Photo: 5th Arrondissement, Paris, 2013. © 2014 Callan Tham. All rights reserved.

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