Window light. Yes, please.

There is really nothing like window light. A natural, diffused, large light source is marvellous for any portrait, and many photographers have made full use of it. It doesn’t cede as much control over to you compared to the Elinchroms and Profotos, but with light like this, do you really need “control”? 

I won’t know. I know I miss shooting like this, and might never tire of it.

Feature on

Regular readers will have seen some photos of UK model Ivory Flame on these pages—we worked together in what was a short but very productive session—and I’m happy to announce that some of those photos are now featured by print and online nude photography magazine, Alternative Model

You can check out the (obviously NSFW) story here. Many thanks to the editors of the magazine. Enjoy!

Ektachrome is back, and one drool-worthy laptop

In what is a pleasant surprise, Kodak Alaris is reintroducing the previously discontinued Ektachrome in 35mm format in the fourth quarter of this year. You read that right—it’s not just film, but slide film at that. That should get quite a few people excited.

Read more from their press release here. I still need more information about the emulsion, but it feels good that they’re bringing an old favourite back. 

There are other eye-catching at CES as well, like this gorgeous gaming laptop from Razer with some seriously impressive screen real estate—a whopping three panels’ worth. I’ve told friends my next laptop will be a Razer because it feel like Apple sold MacBook Pro users down the river, but this new Razer is a beast. and it feels right up my alley. No availability date or price yet, since it’s still a concept, but I’m sure it’ll get here eventually.

Happy birthday, Karen

Obligatory birthday post? Sure. But what’s more important than celebrating the moment and being glad that we are all alive and well? Never forget that.

So happy birthday to my long-suffering and ever-loving wife and mother of my two kids, as my friends are always keen to remind me—not that I can forget these things and hope to stay alive :P

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