[NSFW] Killer heels

Sometimes, photography classifications mystify me. Is this photo art nude, nude, glamour, boudoir, or fashion nude? That kind of discussion is boondoggle to me, this is just a photo I like, and am glad I took.

What isn’t in doubt though, are the heels she wore. Man, those are beautiful.

Still editing the photos from my shoots with Anita slowly, in between editing other work, spending time with family and friends, and some quality video game time. More soon.

[NSFW] Trying something different

One of the advantages of digital photography is the ease of trying different methods of processing on one image. That ease can help or hinder, and we have all seen what over-processing does to photographs. Everything comes down to knowing when to stop and maybe pulling back a touch.

This was done very quickly, as I was looking for a way to convert, as speedily and painlessly as possible, digital images to black-and-white. It seems to work ok, but it’s more like a first step for portraits or glamour shots like this one. It also helps that the model is beautiful, which saved me a fair bit of processing time.

Still, not too bad for an experiment.

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