I should be working*

I don’t usually get to shoot much when I am teaching a workshop, so when I got a few photos during a recent (short) walk out to Haji Lane with my Photovoice SG group, I was happy to let the photos stew in the heat of my 6-year-old MacBook Pro, and even happier to find that some of them still appealed after the requisite month-long “soak”.

Untitled — Haji Lane, Singapore, 2014. © 2014 Callan Tham.

This is just one of them. It’s always great to have material to look through, and especially when one is cooped up at home trying to rest a bad back. I’d love to be out there photographing, but having stuff to edit is better than looking at the ceiling, thinking “I should be working”.*

* I wonder how many people will get this rather obscure movie reference, especially when it was such a terrible movie.

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