A quick update and a couple of NSFW photos

Massive changes happened / happening / are going to happen; I’ve changed jobs (more on that in a later post), almost done with Nisshi Vol. V (really), the country had a crushingly disappointing parliamentary elections (to me anyway), and the biggest change to happen in a while—Karen and I are awaiting the arrival of our second child—is about to hit us in late September.

But there’s still time for a shoot. As it happened, the gorgeous Mia Sollis-Lynette is in this corner of the globe at the perfect time (for me, obviously), so we made full use of a few hours to get in one final shoot before the big date. Here are a couple from the shoot. 

NSFW from here on in, people. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :D

More updates and photos to come.

Another one of M before I head into full production mode

I’m way behind the schedule of putting out Nisshi Vol. V, and I’m
in the final leg of finally sending it off to the printers. Last
weekend had been productive in terms of getting the final sequence
together, re-learning to trust my instincts instead of over-thinking it.

So here is another photo of M from our shoot last month. More coming soon, but for now, I can’t wait to get the zine out. It’s about time.

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