Callan Tham


1978 — Born in Singapore
2010 — Started full-time photography
2012 — Founded 5ive Foot Way

Group Exhibitions

2011 — "Be Trigger Happy", The Garden Slug, Singapore
2011 — "Be Trigger Happy", Standing Sushi Bar, Singapore
2011 — "Slices of Life", The Pigeonhole, Singapore
2012 — "Random Encounters", 5ive Foot Way, The Pigeonhole, Singapore
2014 — "Days We Met", 5ive Foot Way, Objectifs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking, Singapore


2012 — Nisshi Vol. I
2013 — Nisshi Vol. II
2013 — Nisshi Vol. III
2013 — Take A Seat, with 5ive Foot Way
2014 — Nisshi Vol. IV
2017 — Nisshi Vol. V

Artist's Statement

I live my life through photography, and believe them to be one and the same. I do not think of photography as a way to tell stories, nor do I wish to play the role of storyteller. I do not think photographs have a storytelling capacity — but they may have the ability to help make their viewers, storytellers.

I photograph because I can, I want to, and I must.

I saw something wonderful. Let me show it to you.
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