Getting my bearings right

Montmartre, Paris, 2013. © 2014 Callan Tham.

I’ve been sidelined by a recurrence of my old herniated discs problem for the past week or so, and have been on a diet of painkillers and lots of rest. I’ve recovered enough to make it to some activities (I think–that could be my misguided sense of immortality speaking), but I’ve also taken this time to have a long, hard think about where I’m going and how I’m getting there.

It’s difficult to get one’s bearings right when the target is moving all the time, and the photography industry is just like that. Things change, and I’ve got to move along with it. I don’t exactly have big plans, but I’ve at least figured some stuff out, and will be announcing them soon. Then we’ll go from there.

Other than that, it’s the usual day-to-day thing: just trying to survive. There will be lots of mockery to come, surrounding the phrase “we go again”, but for some of us, that is the reality. We go again, day after day. It’s all we know, and sometimes, it’s all we have.

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