Another print sale candidate

Sara Scarlet, Singapore, 2016. © 2016 Callan Tham. All rights reserved.

Title says it all. Sara prefers cool-toned photographs, and I tend to prefer warmer tones, but I’m not above experimentation—I’d say it worked out pretty well! Now time to see it in print form before deciding. Would you enjoy seeing this printed?

Speaking of prints, Google has a new and rather interesting app called PhotoScan by Google Photos available for Android and iOS. It’s not exactly cutting-edge technology, but it does show us how far the phone has come to replace most of our needs that used to require a desktop computer.

It’s a little scary how quickly we’ve left that behind, and embraced how ephemeral our photos seem to be now—digital, living in the cloud, etc. I still prefer mine printed, in hand, where I can dork over in my own time. Nothing can replace that tactile feel of the printed photograph or a photobook. Which is incongruous to how much I’ve taken to reading e-books (I have a lot still to go through on my Kindle Reader app, installed on a Nexus 7 tablet and my new mobile phone.) over their dead tree counterparts.

This young dinosaur still lives and breathes, and will redirect all manner of insults about my habits and age to /dev/null. Now back to work!

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