A portrait of Roarie

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Roarie. Serious model in front of the camera, crazy goofball adventurer in real life. It’s always a pleasure to shoot with her because it’s stress-free to get good photos, and the conversation during the shoot makes it even better. Needless to say, if you even have any inclination to shoot with a model, you can’t go wrong with booking her, and that goes for photographers with or without experience.

Roarie Yum, Singapore, 2016. All rights reserved.

We managed to shoot outside of the studio, at a gorgeous apartment owned by a model named Vonny. Floor-to-ceiling windows, tastefully decorated, and filled with opportunities to make a large variety of photos instead of the bog-standard studio environment. Well worth the fee, even though I hear the rental costs have risen since our shoot as she has added a mobile backdrop. You can contact her on Model Mayhem here. (Yes, Vonny is also available as a model.)

The next time Roarie’s here we’re gonna eat everything in our path. Pretty sure that’s not healthy but valar morghulis, eh? More photos soon.

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