[NSFW] A long overdue update

Looks like it has been a long while since the last update, and to the (maybe) six of you who read my posts, I apologise. Obviously, lots have happened since then—I quit my job, found a new one, welcomed the birth of my second child (it’s a girl!), lost the job, and have been up to no good since then. And still managed to shoot some stuff.

It sounds exciting, but not really. I always tell people things could always be better and that I’m surviving, and even though that sounds pessimistic, it isn’t; that’s just how I view the world. Truth be told, I could hardly be happier in my personal life, despite the chronic sleep deprivation. So here’s something to end off on a happier note, in addition to more posts and updates in the near future—an art nude of the gorgeous Ivory Flame in our recent shoot together.

Ivory Flame, Singapore, 2016. © Callan Tham 2016. All rights reserved.

That’s gone straight into my Nudes gallery. More to come soon.

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