It has been 20 years, and other assorted thoughts

As of last Saturday, I’ve been with Karen for 20 years, and we’ve been married for 10 of those years.It sounds like a pretty long time, but an old friend once reminded me just before I got married, it’s not that long when one is planning for a lifetime together. And he’s right. So here’s the obligatory photo of my lovely wife, taken last year.

Karen, 2014.

Random thought 1: An art nude photo that got (I assume) some bored teenager all angsty over at Google+ is now my most popular Tumblr post with 115 notes. I now have a mild inkling of an idea how the photographers feel when their work is blogged by MPD. Also, thanks Roarie :) The photo probably got that many notes because of you.

Random thought 2: I love photos, and I love competition (just ask my friends). However, “photo competition” makes no sense to me. Photography is one of the few things where I don’t feel the need to compete simply because it shouldn’t feel like it to me. I intend to keep it that way.

Random thought 3: I’d really love to work with a local full-time model and shoot art nudes, and there are quite a few reasons for it. I wonder if that’ll change any time soon, but I’m not counting on it. If anyone knows anyone, let me know, eh?

Random thought 4: This Instax thing is more fun than I thought.

Random thought 5: “Instead of bashing what you hate, promote what you love.” That’s something I need to constantly remind myself of. Especially when a sense of aesthetics seem to completely elude most people.

Random thought 6: Geez, I’m really judgmental. Must be the age.

I’ll end on a happy note, for me at least.

Ayrton, 2014.

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